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Affiliate Organizations

blackfeet montanaILTF partners with a variety of different groups to achieve its mission, including Indian nations, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Some of these collaborations have resulted in the creation of new organizations and enterprises that share many of our goals and work closely with us but operate as separate entities.

Indian Land Capital Company

The Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC) is a national, Indian-controlled lending institution that provides Indian nations with flexible financing for land purchases. ILCC was created in 2005 as a collaborative effort between ILTF and the Native American Community Development Corporation (NACDC) to bridge the gap in lending to tribes and to facilitate the acquisition of lands for social, cultural and economic purposes.

As part of its commitment to the long-term stability and sovereignty of Indian nations, ILCC requires qualifying tribes to have an active land acquisition strategy in place and sound plans for land management and future development. ILTF and NACDC can provide grants and technical support to tribes seeking to develop their strategic plans in order to qualify for loans from ILCC.

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National Indian Carbon Coalition

Land within Indian Country contains some of the most unutilized and underutilized tracts of land in the country. To help Indian nations and people effectively use and benefit from their most valuable asset, their land, ILTF has partnered with the Intertribal Agriculture Council to form the National Indian Carbon Coalition (NICC).

NICC will assist Indian nations and people in understanding the process of carbon sequestration, the carbon offset credit market, and how tribes and individuals will benefit from getting into the emerging market early. Initially, NICC will draw from several existing tribally-based carbon credit models, such as those developed by the Nez Perce Tribe and the Fort Peck Landowners Association to mobilize Indian Country for the carbon sequestration marketplace. Visit NICC's website to learn more.

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