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Economic Opportunity Strategy

Increase economic assets of Indian landowners by gaining control of Indian lands and creating financial models that convert land into leverage for Indian landowners.


Indian Country has seen funding sources come and go over the past 100 years with largely unsuccessful efforts to reduce poverty and prevent further loss of Indian land. The Indian land tenure community looks to ILTF to help fix the economic imbalance plaguing tribal communities and restore Indian use and control of Indian land. Economic development and improved returns on land will create a sustainable Indian land tenure system on reservations and stronger communities. Both tribes and individual Indian landowners must acquire the economic knowledge and skills to eradicate poverty on reservations and strengthen Indian self-determination.


  • Identify financial resources
  • Train landowners and managers in economic development planning
  • Promote and facilitate the inclusion of Indian landowners in land use decisions

Possible Activities

  • Promote the attainment of fair market value for leases of Indian land
  • Develop and promote tribal and individual financial models
  • Develop and promote tribal and individual savings and investment models
  • Establish training opportunities
  • Identify best practices of cooperative relationships between financial institutions and Indian landowners

Grant opportunities