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Education Strategy

Educate every Indian landowner about Indian land management, ownership and transference issues so that knowledge becomes power when decisions about land assets are made.


In the community meetings that led up to the creation of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, a central theme emerged during the discussions. Almost all the participants agreed that there is a lack of knowledge about land tenure among Indian people and this lack of knowledge has been the primary cause of most problems arising with Indian land such as the increase in fractionated ownership, the loss of Indian land, and the lack of Indian self-determination with respect to land use decisions. This lack of knowledge is widespread, from young children not understanding the creation stories of their tribe, to the elderly who typically have not been involved in estate planning. Knowledge about Indian land tenure must include information that emphasizes the unique relationship between Indian people and their land as well as skills to overcome systemic barriers faced in preserving and using land.


  • Educate every tribe and Indian landowner about land tenure issues
  • Provide opportunities for education on strategic land planning in Indian Country
  • Develop multi-media learning tools covering Indian land tenure issues
  • Develop an information clearinghouse on Indian land tenure
  • Educate the public about Indian trust land

Possible Activities

  • The promotion and encouragement of estate planning practices among Indian landowners
  • The creation of opportunities for land ownership and management education
  • Preservation and broader communication of elder wisdom concerning land
  • The development and implementation of workshops for landowners
  • The study, development, and communication of replicable planning strategies

Grant opportunities