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Community Funds

navajo womanHelp us return Indian lands to Indian hands, where they belong. Contribute to one of ILTF’s community funds that support programs and initiatives throughout Indian Country.

Our community funds provide much needed resources for projects that are making a difference in the lives of Indian people. 100% of your donation goes to support the Indian Land Tenure Foundation’s grants and programs.

Make a contribution to the Indian Land Tenure Foundation.

Designated Funds

Indian Land Tenure Foundation also manages funds designated for specific programs housed with organizations other than ILTF.

Donor Advised Funds

Board members and others committed to Indian Land Tenure Foundation’s mission have created funds to support specific goals they wish to see advanced.

Estate Planning & Probate Fund

Estate planning can have immediate positive results for Indian people. For over a century, Indian families have seen valuable land resources diminish as fractionated ownership increases with each passing generation. ILTF supports estate planning as one of the most effective ways to stop fractionation and ensure that Indian lands are controlled and managed by Indian people.

General Operating Fund

Today more than half of all reservation land is owned by non-Indians. In addition, the complex legal principles surrounding Indian land tenure often mean it is impossible for Indian people to live or work on their own land.

Land Recovery Funds

As Americans, we take the ability to control and manage our own assets for granted. We can decide when and if we want to invest our money, build a home or transfer property to our future heirs. American Indians do not enjoy those same freedoms.

Lessons of Our Land Fund

Throughout history and today, curriculum in American public schools includes little or nothing about Indian history and culture. Students do not learn about indigenous occupation of this continent and ownership of this land.

National Indian Carbon Coalition Fund

As climate change increasingly threatens our environment and way of life, governments, corporations and individuals scramble to come up with viable solutions to reduce carbon emissions. The world we live in is changing, and we are pressed to design long-term plans that address this critical issue.

National Tribal Land Association Fund and Conference Fund

The Indian Land Tenure Foundation also manages funds designated for specific programs housed with organizations other than ILTF

Native Land Law Fund

For far too many years, Indian Country has found itself at the mercy of other people’s political and legal agendas. Whipsawed by laws and regulations that are not in their best interests, Indian nations and people have spent incredible amounts of time and resources trying to undo gross injustices.

Scholarship Funds

Your donation can go to support deserving students as they pursue their higher education goals.

Tanka Fund

The last time Lakota peoples had healthy, sustainable communities, buffalo out-numbered people on the Plains. Where buffalo once roamed, poverty and disease have overrun the Native American communities of the large land-based tribes.

Treaty Signers Fund

The United States has a rich history filled with both heartwarming and heart wrenching stories. Some of those stories are based in fact, while others—simply legend and lore.