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General Operating Fund

ojibwe girlToday more than half of all reservation land is owned by non-Indians. In addition, the complex legal principles surrounding Indian land tenure often mean it is impossible for Indian people to live or work on their own land. After more than a century of continuous federal pressure to relinquish control of Indian resources, sale of reservation land and fraudulent dealings at the expense of Indian people, the vast majority of resources generated on Indian land go off-reservation. Even land still under Indian ownership is primarily used for the benefit and profit of non-Indian entities rather than for the communities that need it most.

For example, statistics from a 2007 USDA report on Native American reservations revealed that while the total value of agricultural commodities produced on Native American reservations totaled more than $2.1 billion, only 16 percent of that income went to Native American farmers and ranchers.

By educating Indian landowners about land management; increasing economic resources of Indian landowners by returning control to these owners; using Indian land to help Indian people discover and maintain their culture; and, reforming legal mechanisms that stand in the way of Indian control over Indian resources, ILTF will ensure that land within the boundaries of every reservation and other areas of high significance where tribes retain aboriginal interest are in Indian ownership and management.

Your gift will help ILTF to sustain a broad range of programs, all of which support ILTF’s mission to assist Indian nations and people in the recovery of their rightful homelands.

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