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Land Recovery Funds

HeaddressILTF maintains a general fund and a number of specific funds that address the problem of land loss in Indian Country. Through its Land Recovery Funds, ILTF assists tribal nations with land acquisition, economic growth and self-governance.

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Indian Land Capital Company Fund

Indian Land Tenure Foundation's affiliate, the Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC), assists tribes in their efforts to consolidate and increase their land bases by providing financing to Indian nations for tribal land acquisition. As an Indian-controlled Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), ILCC is uniquely positioned to provide loans that respond to the distinct needs of tribes. The Indian Land Capital Company Fund helps support tribal land acquisition efforts and strategic land planning at the tribal level.

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Klamath Fund

The Klamath Fund provides a way for individuals to contribute directly to the Klamath Tribes' efforts to reclaim 692,000 acres of Indian land that went out of tribal control as a result of the Tribes' termination in the 1950s. Recently, severe water shortages due to overuse of the Klamath Basin's water resources and rapidly declining native fish populations have stepped up the Tribes' efforts to reclaim full control and stewardship of these important tribal homelands.

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HONOR (which stands for Honor Our Neighbors’ Origins and Rights) was formed by a group of non-Native citizens who saw the need to stand up for the rights of Native American people in their community. For 18 years, HONOR tirelessly advocated on behalf of Native American people, especially in the areas of tribal sovereignty, land preservation and treaty rights. In 2006, the organization disbanded, but left a legacy of many accomplishments, a solid reputation and a positive bank balance.

Rather than allow this rich history and its remaining resources go to waste, the organization chose to create a field of interest fund with ILTF to carry on its important work. In keeping with HONOR's focus on strengthening tribal sovereignty and preserving tribal lands, the Fund provides financial support for federally recognized tribes who wish to purchase lands within their original reservation boundaries.

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