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Lessons of Our Land Fund

Throughout history and today, U.S. public schools fail miserably when it comes to teaching American Indian history and culture. Most students receive little or no education about the many Indian nations who originally inhabited this continent. Nor do they learn about their diverse values or customs when it comes to ownership of land. Nor do students learn about how land in the U.S. was “acquired” from the tribes or how many Indian nations continue to own land and retain interests in their aboriginal territories.

However, this unfortunate legacy in American schools is changing. In Minnesota, the Saint Paul Public Schools have partnered with ILTF to introduce culturally appropriate and locally relevant materials into the classroom. States across the country, including South Dakota, Montana and California, are using ILTF’s Head Start and K-12 curriculum, Lessons of Our Land, to satisfy requirements for the inclusion of lessons on Native history and culture.

Lessons of Our Land is intended to give educators the opportunity to incorporate relevant materials about American Indian land tenure into pre-existing curriculum while satisfying federal educational standard requirements. The curriculum provides American Indian and non-Indian students with broader understanding of land, cultures, inherent rights and tribal sovereignty.

Your gift to the Lessons of Our Land Fund will enable more schools to include this critical material so that all students may appreciate our nation’s history and the importance of our relationship to the land upon which we live. Perhaps more importantly, Indian students will see themselves and their ancestors reflected in their classroom materials, often for the first time. Instead of perpetuating stereotypes of Indian people, the lessons allow local experts to adapt the curriculum to local tribes’ histories, cultures and languages. Your support of the Lessons of Our Land Fund will provide our youth access to a richer educational experience.

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