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National Indian Carbon Coalition Fund

Flathead hot springsAs climate change increasingly threatens our environment and way of life, governments, corporations and individuals scramble to come up with viable solutions to reduce carbon emissions. The world we live in is changing, and we are pressed to design long-term plans that address this critical issue.

One such solution is the emerging carbon sequestration market, which requires vast areas of open space and undeveloped land to capture carbon emissions. Indian Country contains some of the largest tracts of undeveloped or underdeveloped land in the nation. Recognizing the complimentary purposes of returning control of Indian lands to Indian people and preserving our remaining open space, ILTF has partnered with the Intertribal Agriculture Council to form the National Indian Carbon Coalition (NICC).

Working within the developing carbon credit market, NICC plans to assist tribes and individual Indian landowners in understanding carbon credits, sequestration processes and the carbon markets. This educational outreach and technical support is necessary so that Indian people maintain control of their valuable assets and can use the profits of the carbon credit market to empower their families and communities.

More than $1.8 million is needed for the first three years of NICC operation. Your support can help Indian people to earn a profit from their land while preserving its undeveloped state. The NICC will serve multiple goals: funneling profit from Indian assets to Indian people, preserving wilderness and open space, and reducing carbon emissions. Your gift to ILTF’s National Indian Carbon Coalition Fund makes a significant difference for both Indian people and the natural environment. Visit NICC's website to learn more

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