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Tanka Fund

The Tanka Fund at ILTF aims to bring renewed health and opportunity to American Indian communities through buffalo restoration, promoting healthy lands, healthy people and healthy economies.

Before buffalo were nearly driven from the Great Plains forever, the Lakota peoples relied on this sacred animal—Tatanka—to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and ceremony. In this way, the buffalo sustained American Indian people for thousands of years. Despite its recent absence and the devastation left in its wake, the buffalo has remained at the center of Lakota life and customs. Now, we are helping the buffalo to return to its rightful place.

To learn more about how we are supporting the return, visit the Tanka Fund online.

With your support, the Tanka Fund can help buffalo return to the Great Plains, bringing renewed health and opportunity to Indian communities. Through strategic planning, grantmaking and collaborative initiatives, the Tanka Fund will restore the buffalo to the Great Plains and to the diets, economy and culture of the Lakota peoples. 

The Tanka Fund was founded by Native American Natural Foods (NANF), makers of the Tanka Bar, in partnership with Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) in 2011. Both NANF and ILTF believe that Indian land can be used to create vibrant and sustainable reservation economies. Your similar belief and financial assistance can make that a reality.

Get involved and visit the Tanka Fund online. Or make a contribution to the Tanka Fund at ILTF on our website.

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