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Cultural Awareness

Breastplate Buffalo Skull“Use Indian land to help Indian people discover and maintain their culture.”

Revitalizing cultural and spiritual values related to Indian land strengthens Indian nations and people. Land is a critical base for spiritual practices, beliefs, and worship. The land can be a keeper of memories, a portal to the spirit world, or a place to go for guidance and strength. Furthermore, the land supports cultural practices such as hunting, fishing, farming and harvesting wild foods. Maintaining strong cultural and spiritual ties to the land is necessary for preserving traditional practices and Native religious beliefs for future generations.

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Funding Areas

Sacred Site Protection

ILTF seeks to provide support to Indian nations to conduct historical and cultural research to rediscover and document their sacred sites for the purpose of preservation and protection, as well as public and tribal awareness, not inclusive of the purchase of lands.

Tribal Land Histories

ILTF supports Indian nations’ research on tribal land histories that explore not only the land tenure changes to the aboriginal land base over time, but also the cultural and spiritual aspects of the tribes’ historic and modern land tenure.

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ILTF remains open to unique and innovative projects from the community that serve to enlighten our strategies (Education, Cultural Awareness, Economic Opportunity and Legal Reform) and have a significant impact on land issues in Indian Country.