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Economic Opportunity

Grazing Bison“Increase economic assets of Indian landowners by gaining control of Indian lands and by creating financial models that convert land into leverage for Indian landowners.”

Indian Country has seen funding sources come and go over the past 100 years with largely unsuccessful efforts to reduce poverty and prevent further loss of Indian land. And despite popular belief, only a small number of Indian nations and Indian people have benefitted substantially from casino revenues. By supporting land acquisition, sustainable economic development, and mechanisms to improve return on income-earning lands, ILTF aims to fix the economic imbalance plaguing Native communities while restoring Indian use and control of Indian land.

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Funding Areas

Economic Analysis

ILTF supports Indian nations’ research on the economic condition of their communities with respect to Indian land ownership and to identify and develop action plans for economic development on reservation lands.

Economic Development

ILTF provides funds to support Indian nations in the development of projects promoting economic development opportunities on Native lands that will create jobs for Indian people living on reservations and be replicable on other reservations throughout Indian Country.

Land Acquisition and Utilization for Economic Development

As support from other funders becomes available, ILTF will work with Indian nations to provide financing on land acquisition and utilization projects for economic development based on stipulations a funder may require.

Share an idea

ILTF remains open to unique and innovative projects from the community that serve to enlighten our strategies (Education, Cultural Awareness, Economic Opportunity and Legal Reform) and have a significant impact on land issues in Indian Country.