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Head Start and K-12 Curriculum

ILTF provides financial assistance to Head Start and K-12 educational institutions or tribally controlled K-12 schools seeking to implement ILTF’s Lessons of Our Land curriculum in individual or multiple classrooms, school-wide or district-wide.

ILTF believes that successful implementation of the Lessons of Our Land curriculum is one of the best ways to strengthen Native communities, educate all people on the cultural importance of land to Indian people, and prevent further loss of Indian lands. This interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum was designed to align with existing state standards and is adaptable to include the history and culture of a region’s Indian nations. While the curriculum positions Native American tribal issues and values at the forefront, the curriculum framework places emphasis on the fundamental relationship between land and people in general, not just Native Americans. At the same time, the primary goal of the curriculum is for Indian students to become intellectually reconnected to the land and to internalize its significance to the past, present and future as sovereign and land based peoples. 

The Lessons of Our Land curriculum is free and available online in PDF format and as an interactive CD.

In 2006 a grant was awarded to Wolf Point Public Schools to integrate ILTF’s curriculum into current social studies/history curriculum at all K-12 Wolf Point Public Schools. In 2007 the Saint Paul Public Schools received a grant to adapt and implement the curriculum for use in the Saint Paul Public Schools, partnering with the American Indian Education Program, on a three-year implementation plan. To see more information on previous grants, go to the Grantees section of the website.

Grants for Head Start and K-12 Curriculum Implementation range from $125 to upwards of $3,000 for individual and multiple classroom implementation following the noted fee structure. 

Grants for schoolwide/districtwide adaptation and implementation range from $15,000 to upwards of $75,000.


Grant funding is available for Head Start and K-12 Curriculum Implementation utilizing the following funding structure designed separately for individual/multiple classroom and schoolwide/districtwide implementation. Applicants’ innovation with respect to the implementation and modification of the curriculum inclusive of the history and culture of local Indian communities is encouraged.  

Individual or Multiple Classrooms

Grant awards are based on a specific dollar amount as stated below. If one class implements “Lessons of Our Land,” it would request the amount noted in the column on the right. Please note that each grade level in which the curriculum is introduced will be eligible for the corresponding grant award. Awards may be cumulative amounts based on the number of grade levels and number of classes.

Curriculum Level Allowed Amount

Head Start $125
K-5 $750
6-8 $1,000
9-12 $1,200

Schoolwide or School District

Initiatives that implement the “Lessons of Our Land” curriculum throughout the school, in multiple schools, or districtwide and have strategies for promoting its long-term sustainably are encouraged. The rate structure noted above is not applicable to this level of implementation; however, prospective applicants should develop a budget based on curriculum modification and implementation, inclusive of administrative needs.

Send request to:  Indian Land Tenure Foundation, Attn: Grants Manager, 151 East County Road B2, Little Canada, MN 55117-1523.