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Head Start & K-12 Curriculum Implementation – RFP

ILTF provides financial assistance to Head Start and K-12 educational institutions seeking to implement ILTF’s Lessons of Our Land curriculum in individual or multiple classrooms, school-wide, or district-wide.

About the Curriculum

Lessons of Our Land is an interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum designed to align with existing state standards and is adaptable to include the history and culture of the region’s Indian nations. Potential projects include curriculum implementation in individual or multiple classrooms, school-wide, or district-wide initiatives.

While the curriculum positions Native American tribal issues and values at the forefront, the curriculum framework places emphasis on the fundamental relationship between land and people in general, not just Native Americans. Whether the curriculum is taught on an Indian reservation or in an urban, multicultural setting, teachers will find lessons that speak to all cultural backgrounds.

At the same time, the primary goal of this curriculum is for Indian students to become intellectually reconnected to the land and to internalize its significance to their past, present and future as sovereign and land based peoples. The Indian Land Tenure Foundation believes that successful implementation of this curriculum is one of the best ways to strengthen Native communities, educate all people on the cultural importance of land to Indian people, and prevent further loss of Indian lands.

The curriculum is free and is available online and as an interactive CD.

Grant Specifications

ILTF will provide financial assistance to successful grantees to implement ILTF’s Lessons of Our Land curriculum in Head Start programs and K-12 classrooms.  Applicants’ innovation with respect to the implementation and modification of the curriculum inclusive of the history and culture of the local Indian communities is encouraged.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Head Start centers with 25 percent or more Indian children in attendance
  • Tribally controlled K-12 schools
  • K-12 schools with an Indian student population of 25 percent or more

Individual or Multiple Classrooms

Grant awards are based on a specific dollar amount as stated below. If one class implements Lessons of Our Land, it would request the amount noted in the column on the right. Please note that each grade level in which the curriculum is introduced will be eligible for the corresponding grant award.  Awards may be cumulative amounts based on the number of grade levels and the number of classes.

Curriculum Level

Allowed Amount

Head Start $125
K–5 $750
6–8 $1,000
9–12 $1,200

School-wide or School District

Initiatives that implement the Lessons of Our Land curriculum throughout the school, in multiple schools, or district-wide and have strategies for promoting its long-term sustainability are encouraged. The rate structure noted above is not applicable to this level of implementation; however, prospective applicants should develop a budget based on curriculum modification and implementation, inclusive of administrative needs.

The following conditions apply to all grants resulting from this RFP: 

  • Up to 75 percent of the grant will be given up front to the applicant to help implement the course. The balance of the grant will be distributed at the end of the grant.
  • Grant recipients must show that they will sustain offering Indian land tenure curriculum material beyond the grant period.
  • Evaluation is required to give meaningful, constructive feedback about the curriculum itself. This evaluation should include:
    • the collection of data on numbers of teachers and class segments where the curriculum was used including the numbers of students taught;
    • appropriate pre- and post-tests showing learning and impact on students;
    • teacher satisfaction and recommendations for the curriculum, including copies of the lesson plans and materials used in the class; and
    • institutional assessment of the implementation process and recommendations to improve teacher use of the material.

The following details will be priorities as ILTF reviews proposals:

  • Clarity of articulated work plan with measurable and achievable results
  • Proposed timeline or schedule for curriculum implementation
  • Number of classes in which the curriculum will be introduced
  • Number of students that will be participating
  • Clear sustainable plan to integrate curriculum into classrooms beyond the initial year
  • Evaluation strategy of the school or teacher
  • Commitment of organization, as demonstrated through previous efforts in this area

Download proposal checklist

Download grant application