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Legal Land Issue Reform

ILTF supports innovative projects that address issues surrounding laws and policies at the tribal, state or federal level of government that prevent Indian people and nations from owning and controlling their Native lands. 

Indian people have had to protect and defend their rights to their land and its natural resources since Europeans first settled in North America. Throughout the years, treaties and then laws, acts, Supreme Court rulings and other legal means have continued to take away or limit the rights of Indian nations and their people to use and own Indian land. Proactively looking at what an Indian nation may do, legally, to address the injustices is an important step to change the future.

This initiative asks Indian nations to consider opportunities to address an injustice including potential replication for other Indian nations addressing similar issues. These reform efforts should be led and managed by either a single Indian nation or group of Indian nations and may include collaborations with organizations such as a state Indian bar association or other expert organizations or individuals.

In 2008, the Indian Law Resource Center received a grant for development of Native Land Law, a new framework of legal principles and rules concerning Indian and Alaska Native lands and resources. To see more information on previous grants, go to the Grantees section of the website.

Grants through the Legal Land Issue Reform initiative range from $10,000 to $60,000.


Grant funding is currently limited. Out of respect for your time, we suggest sending a brief letter of inquiry including the following information:

  • Organization name and contact information (address, phone, email, etc.)
  • Budget range for successful implementation of project
  • Brief description of proposed project and rationale
  • Identify whether or not the proposed project has been discussed with tribal leaders

Send to:  Indian Land Tenure Foundation, Attn: Grants Manager, 151 East County Road B2, Little Canada, MN 55117-1523 or by email to