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Indian Land Tenure Foundation Hosts Meeting of Minnesota Tribal Land Office Staff

Posted 08/09/10

On August 9, 2010, Indian Land Tenure Foundation held a meeting of tribal land office staff from the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe to discuss tribal land office priorities, needs and ideas for potential collaboration with one another and ILTF. Staff members from five of the six member bands attended. One consistent theme emerged from conversations during and following the meeting: education and networking opportunities need to be developed for tribal land office staff.

Tribal land office staff are the key players in working with individual tribal landowners in the management activities of their land holdings. But in nearly every tribe, these offices are short staffed and under-resourced. The land office staffs also suffer from considerable turnover and therefore, continual training of new staff results in delays to processing a variety of leases and other land related activities.

To address some of these needs, ILTF will continue to convene and collaborate with tribal land office staff in Minnesota to develop educational resources and opportunities for networking. As funding allows, ILTF plans to expand this network to reach to land offices throughout Indian Country.

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