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Cutting through the Red Tape

Based on Message Runner, Vol. 5 “Cutting through the Red Tape” addresses the unique challenges involved in the managment of Indian trust land and assets. It includes a collection of the most common forms used by federal agencies and Indian people and provides tips for how to read and process these forms successfully.

Contact us to order print copies of "Cutting through the Red Tape"  and other ILTF publications.

Forms and topics include:

Individual Trust Interest Report
Individual Indian Monies Statement of Account
List of Real Property Assets
IIM Account Preferences and Change of Address
Appraising the Value of Indian Trust Land
Sale of Indian Land
Land Exchange and Consolidation
Leasing Indian Land
Right of Way
Trust-to-Fee Transfer
Fee-to-Trust Transfer
Writing a Will
Gift Deed

Note About the Forms

These forms are designed to look as much as possible like the actual federal forms that an Indian landowner or tribe would encounter. However, they should not be mistaken for the real thing. Actual forms must be acquired from the appropriate tribal or federal agency. (See Land Management Resources for contact information.) Names of individuals, companies, places, numbers, dollar amounts and any other form of personal information found on any of the forms found in this collection are entirely fictitious and meant only to serve as examples of the kind of information that would be displayed.

Note About Obtaining Personal Information

With these resources, we hope to help Indian landowners effectively navigate the mountains of red tape that stand between them and individual or tribal control of their own land and assets. We also hope these resources will help people to better understand their options regarding the Cobell Settlement and the Land Buy Back Program for Tribal Nations. However, we cannot provide specific information about individual IIM accounts or about the Cobell Settlement. For more information on those topics contact:

Office of the Special Trustee (Trust Beneficiary Call Center 1-888-678-6836)
Cobell Settlement (Toll-Free Information 1-800-961-6109)
Buy Back Program