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Land Tenure Curriculum

desert blue skyThe Indian Land Tenure Foundation provides free Indian land tenure curriculum for all educational levels. Visit Lessons of Our Land for pre-K and K-12 or see below for college level curriculum.

We also have grants available for curriculum adaptation and implementation.

Head Start & K-12 Curriculum

Lessons of Our Land

Lessons of Our Land is an interdisciplinary Indian land curriculum designed to align with existing state standards and is adaptable to include the history and culture of the region’s Indian nations.

Educational Focus

  • Head Start
  • K-12 

Curriculum Components

  • Meets state standards in multiple core areas: history, art, civics, mathematics, science, geography, language arts and more
  • Grade-level appropriate lessons in four key content areas
  • Wide variety of online resources teachers can use to supplement their lessons
  • Includes a teachers guide for curriculum integrations

State Adaptations

  • California
  • Minnesota
  • Montana

In addition to state adaptations, there are general lessons which can be used to teach Native Land Tenure History anywhere in the United States.

Access Lessons of Our Land 

College Curriculum

Native Land Tenure History

The Native Land Tenure History course is intended to serve as a starting place for faculty to develop a course particular to the academic field in which it will be offered. It discusses Native land tenure issues and problems currently facing Indian people outlined as an introductory, three or four semester credit, college-level course.

Curriculum Components

  • Background on Indian land tenure history and issues
  • Course design that allows for easy modification to suit the individual needs of each instructor
  • Sample 15-week course syllabus focusing on four major content areas:
    • Historical origins of Native land tenure
    • Major western concepts of Native "property" law
    • Use and management of Native land
    • Re-acquisition of the Native land base

Access College Curriculum

Strategic Land Planning

The Strategic Land Planning course addresses the strategic land planning process and is designed to be taught in tribal and community colleges, aimed at students who are interested in community-based planning and development.

Curriculum Components

  • Includes historical, legal, cultural, ecological and economic aspects of Indian land tenure and land use
  • Application of specific problem-solving and strategic land planning practices to research, develop, implement and evaluate land tenure and land use decisions
  • Participatory planning approach that engages all affected persons
  • Emphasizes combined academic and experiential learning opportunities through partnerships, applied problem-solving research, community outreach and community service.