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Act of June 21, 1906 (34 Stat. 325)

Relevant Provisions: 
Trust periods; sale of allotments; alienation

Permits the president to continue trust periods or periods of restrictions on all lands in trust. This provision was not applied to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

Amends the General Allotment Act by adding that no lands acquired under the provisions of the act shall satisfy or become payment for any debt contracted before the issuing of the final fee patent.  It further states that no money from any lease or sale of lands held in trust for any Indian allottee will pay debts contracted during the same trust period except with the approval and consent of the secretary of the interior.

States that any Indian land allotted under law or treaty without the power of alienation may be sold by the Indian landowner if it lies within a reclamation project area approved by the secretary of the interior.

Click here for full text in Charles J. Kappler’s Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties, produced by Oklahoma State University Library