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List of Real Property Assets

Click on the image below to open a sample form.

This List of Real Property Assets offers a quick snapshot of pertinent information about all of an IIM account holder’s trust land holdings. Information is divided into two sections which describe first the trust land holdings and then the various encumbrances (leases, rights of way, etc.) that are held on those lands.

Landowners can learn a lot about what they own by looking at this form, including the amount of undivided interest they own in each parcel of land, the type of ownership they hold, existing leases on the land, what the leases are for and when they are due to expire. Landowners who plan to negotiate a new lease agreement or who are considering new land use options for the property should review this information carefully.

What to Expect
This form is mailed to IIM account holders on a quarterly basis along with the IIM Statement of Account. Accounts with low balances and minimal activity will receive a statement only once a year.