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The Message Runner

The Message Runner is an educational publication that addresses specific topics related to Indian land tenure. Past issues of the Message Runner have been widely distributed throughout Indian Country and have been used by colleges and universities, tribes and federal agencies for education and training purposes.

ILTF offers the Message Runner free to individuals, nonprofit organizations and tribes, though for very large orders, some charges may apply. Contact us to order copies of the Message Runner and to find out more.

Message Runner, Vol. 7

"Now hiring! Exploring career opportunities in tribal land."

Message Runner, Vol. 6

"Native Land Law, can Native American People Find Justice in the U.S. Legal System?" (abridged version)

Message Runner, Vol. 5

"Cutting through the Red Tape: An Indian Landowner's Guide to Reading and Processing Federal Forms"

A collection of federal forms used in the management of Indian lands and assets and explanations about how to read and process the forms.

Message Runner, Vol. 4

"From Removal to Recovery: Land Ownership in Indian Country"

A historical account of Indian land ownership, from pre-contact to the present.

Message Runner, Vol. 3

Rights of way in Indian Country.

Message Runner, Vol. 2

A primer on Indian estate planning and probate.

Message Runner, Vol. 1

An overview of the major Indian land tenure issues.

Native Land Law

ILTF worked in partnership with Indian Law Resource Center to develop a set of 17 General Principles of law that create a legal framework to guide the future development of federal law relating to Indian land and resources.

The resulting publication, Native Land Law: General Principles of Law Relating to Native Lands and Natural Resources, published by Thomson Reuters, provides a comprehensive overview of the General Principles and an extensive legal analysis of relevant federal law. ILTF has also developed a CLE series offered through West LegalEdcenter, as a companion to the book.

Order a copy of Native Land Law

View abridged version of Native Land Law

Read more about Native Land Law and the CLE series

Other Publications

Annual Reports

Pine Ridge Reservation: Allottee Land Planning Map Book

General information on land use planning for Indian allottees as well as GIS-based land maps for Pine Ridge landowners to use for individual and tribal land planning purposes. Developed by Village Earth, with a grant from the Indian Land Tenure Foundation.

No Quick Fixes: A Look at the Bureau of Indian Affairs’s Indian land Consolidation Project

An analysis of the BIA’s Indian Land Consolidation Pilot Program, which began in 1999, as a result of Congressional Acts and Supreme Court decisions that sought to remedy problems associated with fractionated ownership of Indian land title.

Estate Planning Services Pilot of the American Indian Probate Reform Act Implementation Project

A report by Indian Land Tenure Foundation to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians.

Native Women and Youth in Agriculture Essay Contest: Winning Essays, 2005 - 2008

Winning entries from Native Women and Youth in Agriculture’s annual student essay contest.

Community Survey (January 2004)

The second community survey conducted by ILTF examines landownership and estate planning among Indian people.

Community Survey (January 2003)

The first community survey conducted by ILTF about the importance of land and the value of property rights.

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