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Sample Form - Application for Sale of Indian Land 2

The answer to this question should not affect the sale, but if the seller wants to retain an existing use of the land or home, he or she will have to enter into either a lease agreement with the buyer or be granted a life estate.

The “Cobell Notice and Waiver and Confirmation of Consultation” is mailed to all IIM account holders. It informs account holders of their rights as members of the class action Cobell lawsuit, including that they have the right to consult with class counsel and that entering into transactions (such as a land sale, exchange, transfer or trust land conversion) will not adversely affect their rights as members of the class.

Another way the ILCA program tried to rush the sale of these interests was by providing an appraisal of value up front, with the mailing.

A personal question that is, frankly, none of the BIA’s business. Unless a landowner is required to answer this question, it should be left blank.

This information can be obtained from the IIM Statement of Account.