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Sample Form - Application to Lease Indian Land 1

Commonly referred to as the “Tract ID.” This number can be found on the ITI Report the IIM Statement of Account and the List of Real Property Assets.

Lease types vary from region to region. This sample lease application is from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where agricultural leases are the most common. The residential lease options are also specific to Pine Ridge.

Lease terms vary depending on the purpose for the lease, the type of resource on the land, and the region. In general, agricultural leases average about five years and leases for natural resources, mining or residential use tend to be much longer, 25+ years.

This lease is has been abbreviated. An actual lease is often several pages long and includes detailed terms of the agreement, including late payment penalties, subleasing, improvements and insurance.

25 CFR 162 is the Code of Federal Regulations that applies to the leasing of Indian land.

Legal land description. This is found on the ITI Report.