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Sample Form - Individual Trust Interest Report

Internal ID number assigned by the BIA along with the initials of the employee who requested the report.

Land interest owner account information. This is also used for the IIM account number.

  1. TRB – Reservation or land area code
  2. CL – Identifies the type of account (A = original allottee, U = not original allottee, N = lineal descendant, L = life estate, dower or curtesy, or homestead interest for an Indian, B = life estate, dower or curtesy, or homestead interest for a non-Indian, J = judgment per capita payment, P = tribal per capita payment, X = non-Indian fee interest owner)
  3. NUMBER – Personal account number or tribal enrollment number

Last name, first name and middle initial of the allottee.

Tract ID information.

  1. LAC – Reservation code for where the land is located
  2. PFX – Stands for “prefix” and is part of the tract numbering system. May or may not be filled in. (Blank=surface, M=minerals, B=both)
  3. NUMBER – ID or allotment number for the specific tract of land
  4. SFX – Stands for “suffix” and is part of the tract numbering system. Normally when a tract is subdivided it is assigned an A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, etc.
  5. TITLE PLANT – Location of the regional BIA office
  6. LAND AREA – Reservation where the tract of land is located
  7. RESOURCES – Indicates whether the allottee has surface rights, mineral rights or both

Description of where the land is located based on the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). This is what is used for the “legal land description” in many BIA applications and forms.

Land interest owner and document information.

  1. TYP – Type of ownership (I=Indian, N=non-Indian)
  2. OT – Type of title (T=trust, R=restricted, F=fee)
  3. INT – Interest in land (A=all, L=life estate, T=title only)
  4. CLS – Document code (10=deed, 11=probate, 12=modification)
  5. TYP – Document code (TS=testate, IT=intestate)
  6. NUMBER – Probate or conveyance number that includes: code for city of assigned law judge, law judge’s numbers, and year submitted to law judge

OWNER ID – Person from whom the current allottee inherited the land.

INDIVIDUAL SHARE MONETARY VALUE – Value of current allottee’s share of the annual rental income.

AGGREGATE SHARE CONVERTED TO LCD – Number of people that share an interest in this tract of land.

AGGREGATE DECIMAL – Current allottee’s share of the land converted to a decimal.

TOTAL ESTIMATED VALUE – Value of the entire tract of land based on the annual rental income from surface use. When ownership is highly fractionated, this number is much higher than an individual allottee’s share.

SECTION COUNTY ACRES – Total number of acres in this section of a tract of land. There may be more than one section located in a tract and multiple legal descriptions to describe the acres. This is summed up in the CUM SECTION ACRES and TOTAL SECTION ACRES.

Name of the original allottee. Also used as part of the tract description.

Date of the last time the report was accessed.

Date of birth and death (if deceased) of the allottee.