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Sample Form - List of Real Property Assets

UNDIVIDED OWNERSHIP – Shows the amount of undivided interest the landowner holds in the tract of land.

TRACT ID – Corresponds with the Tract ID of the tract of land listed in the “Trust Land” section in the top part of the form.

DOCUMENT ID – Unique BIA number assigned to identify the legal instrument (for example, the lease) that authorizes the use of the property.

ENCUMBRANCE TYPE – Lease, right of way, permit or other legal instrument that authorizes the use of the property.

EFFECTIVE DATE – When the terms of the lease, right of way, permit, etc. begin.

EXPIRATION DATE – When the terms of the lease, right of way, permit, etc. end.

ENCUMBRANCE HOLDER – Person or entity paying for the use of the property, e.g., the leaseholder.

TRACT ACRES – Number of acres in the identified tract of land.

OWNERSHIP CLASSIFICATION – Type of interest a landowner has in the property. “Title” means the landowner owns title to the interest, but does not receive income from the use of the interest. “Beneficial” means that the landowner does not own the title, but receives the financial benefits of the interest. Landowners can hold both title and beneficial interest in the property.

LOCATION – Geographical location of a tract of land.

TRACT ID/TRACT DESCRIPTION – The Tract ID is a unique BIA number assigned to a tract of land which includes the reservation code and the allotment number. The Tract ID is also used on the ITI and in the IIM Statement of Account to identify the same tract of land. The Tract Description is the official name, if any, of a tract of land. This name comes from the original allottee.