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snow capped mountainsOne of ILTF’s primary objectives is to educate Indian landowners, tribal leaders, youth and others about Indian land tenure issues. To that end, we develop and provide access to a broad spectrum of educational materials and educational opportunities focused on Indian land, most of which are available here on our website. We continue to develop and discover new resources, so please check back on a regular basis for the latest content.

Land and Asset Managment

This section includes useful information for all Indian landowners and tribes who want to learn more about managing their trust land and assets. Includes the online version of Message Runner Vol. 5, Cutting through the Red Tape.

Land Tenure History

Key factors in the history of American Indian land tenure include the legislative acts, laws and treaties that have shaped U.S. federal Indian policy and have led to the fractured state of land ownership in Indian Country today.

Land Tenure Curriculum

The Indian Land Tenure Foundation provides free Indian land tenure curriculum for all educational levels.


See our online collection of ILTF publications including the Message Runner, the Pine Ridge Map Book and more.


Learn more about our latest multimedia projects, including videos, educational tools and interactive technology.